Joe Galloway in Vietnam 1965
Joe Galloway 1965
Joe Galloway Book Signing Events
The following are planned or scheduled events at which Joe Galloway will be pleased to sign you books. These may be subject to change.
To arrange for an appearance by Joe Galloway please contact: Mr. Fred Williams
2012 Events/Appeances
Date Location Event
Febuary 28 Las Vegas, NV -Speech to Plumbers Union
March 6 Denver CO -Speech to U.S. Army conference
March 8 San Francisco. CA -Speech at Marines Memorial Club's annual Vietnam Veterans Appreciation dinner (open to public)
March 14 Tipton, Ind -Screening of We Were Soldiers and a talk. (open to public)
March 15 Tipton, Ind -Talk to school kids in morning. A public lecture and book signing that evening.
April 12 Gainesville, TX -North Central Texas College roundtable discussion of the book and movie. (open to public)
April 13 Gainesville, TX -11am lecture at NCTC for Creative Writing Awards program
April 14 Gainesville, TX -1pm book-signing & autograph session with Medal of Honor recipients
April 18 Birmingham, AL -9am lecture to students/faculty at Altamont School
-630pm: Public Lecture at Altamont School
April 27 Columbus, GA -Ranger class reunion dinner speech
May 4 Chicago IL -C Co. 1st Btn 18th Regt reunion dinner speech at 1st Inf. Div Museum at Cantigny
May 5 Chicago IL -10am Authors panel discussion at the Museum at Cantigny. (open to public)
May 17-19 Mooresville, N.C. -Grand opening of Veterans Museum
July 23 Reno, NV -National convention of VFW to receive their Americanism Award